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There are fundamental reasons why some entrepreneurs make more money than others.

And the most common factor among these successful online entrepreneurs is that they understand the importance of leveraging psychology in every contact point between them and their prospects.
The different channels in which you reach out to people will change. The tactics and strategies will change.
But there is one thing simple a 3 step process that every health coach or fitness coach has to get right if they are going to see improvements in revenue in their business.

And these 3 things are:

  1. You have to get the ATTENTION of your prospects
  2. You have to get your prospect to KNOW you better, LIKE you and TRUST you.
  3. You have to build BELIEF that you have the solution to their problems or help them achieve their goals.

As a health or fitness coach no matter what you do, if you are going to build a thriving business you have to ensure that these steps are followed and are optimized to have the highest impact on your audience.
Through my observation some health and fitness entrepreneurs are lacking in most of these areas.
You have those who are good at getting the attention of their audience in a right way to some extent.
However they fall short in getting people to trust and pay attention to what they have to say.
You have those who are not that good at getting their target audience’s attention, however they are ok at getting people to pay attention to what they have to say and trust what they have to say.
And the last one is building belief in your prospects to get them to pay you for your efforts.
MOST health and fitness professionals are grossly lacking in this area of their business.
Some of them make a very good attempt at it however majority make a complete mess of it.
In this post I am going to reveal a psychologically powerful sales system that health and fitness coaches can use to boost sales and profits in their business.
Some parts of this system may take some time to set up, however once it is set in motion you can leave it virtually untouched, and it will continue to make sales for you 24 / 7.


If you do not have this from your target audience then there is no way for your message to reach them.
And if your message cannot reach them then you cannot make sales to grow your business.
At the outset, you need to have a way to get the attention of these people.
And some health and fitness coaches do this to some extent, some better than some.

If I were to ask you;

How would you grow an audience to spread your word and grow your business?

Then your response would be:

I would get their attention on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

This is what MOST health and fitness coaches are doing.
These platforms are free and easy to get started with.
However they can certainly take a while to grow and as such your reach is immediately limited by the amount of people you currently have following you on these platforms.
So a better more time leveraged and psychologically impacting ways of reaching people are:

  • Guest Posting on other blogs that already have thousands of potential clients.
  • Going on Podcasts that have thousands of downloads per month.
  • Partnering or collaborating with an authority figure in your niche to get access to a portion of his audience and subscribers.

When you do these strategies you are now reaching more people effectively with your message.
Other people have spent months, years and up to a decade to build this audience base.
You on the other hand are looking to grow and are looking to grow as fast as you possibly can.
If you are to take the normal path that other YouTubers take; which is to slave through hours of videos, then you will also take a very long time to build an audience base large enough to earn from.
You don’t have to spend such a long time.
In this post about how Matt Kido, a YouTuber confessing how he makes money every month.
I share that the many ways people try to lose weight, and as such one person will be a part of many different weight loss programs… one of these could be yours.
Don’t spend excessive time on something that can be done in a smarter way.

Keep their attention

Now once you have gotten someone’s attention its now for you to actually keep their attention.
Over the last couple years there is solid research stating that it takes about 6 or 7 interactions between a person and a new product before the person decides he /she will actually purchase the product.
Now, with this in mind its incredibly important that you not only focus on getting the attention of these people.
Its is just as important keeping their attention.
But you want to do so in a smart way.
Most Fitness YouTubers just ask people to subscribe to their channel.
This is all good, because it helps to build up your channel to get even more subscribers and more likes, and video views and video shares.



You should also note that a huge percentage of the people who subscribe to your channel are not using their BEST EMAIL ADDRESS.
Like, I have subscribed to a few YouTuber channels, however, I have NEVER EVER logging into that email and seen where someone posts a video that I like and click on the link in my email to watch that video.
I may do so in the future, but up to this point I haven’t.
I prefer to just go straight to YouTube and search for stuff.
And this is what is happening to a lot of the people who subscribe to you.
They dont see your stuff.
This is a really bad trend going on in the industry right now.
And whats even more disturbing is that most YouTubers don’t see this trend, and even a bigger amount don’t know how to fiix this problem.

Build An Email List

The simple solution is to build an email list.
Asking someone to provide their best emails for a free downloadable piece of content will actually get people to give you emails they actually check every day.
In ding this you will get a better reach than to these people than if you were to ask them to just subscribe.
Nowadays the best tools to use to build an email list are FREE.
I use Aweber to build my email list today. Back in the day you had to pay for it upfront.
Nowadays, its free to use and get a good feel of it for 30 days.
Which means you can actually start earning money through your email list in 30 days if you are smart even before you pay a dime for the service.
Now that’s a great deal!

Benefits Of Building A List


When you build an email list here are some of the benefits:

  • Your content is not buried in the “Social” section of people’s Gmail account where they try to avoid because there are just too many things there.
  • You appear in their inboxes, where they actually pay more attention to.
    As such, they are more likely to see and pay attention to your emails.
  • You can now write one email, click send, and it is sent to thousands of people. Otherwise you would have to email people one at a time or actually copy and paste email addresses to be able to send to multiple people.
  • You can now reach people with customized content specifically for them without having to sit and wait to see how many views you get on your latest video over the last few hours.
  • You will be able to send emails to specific groups of people with content specific to their needs and impact them on a deeper level creating a better experience both for you and for them.
  • You will be able to pitch your services to specific groups of people who through specialized email set ups have indicated that they would like to buy your product.
    In this way you would not have to do a video that feels too “salesly” or makes you feel like you are being to promotional.
  • You will be able to command more money from companies who are looking for Fitness entrepreneurs to advertise products for them.
    If you have a subscriber base on YouTube as well as a dedicated email list of a couple thousand people then you can show the sponsors that they will be reaching many different groups of people in more than one ways.
    And so you can actually command more money for your work.
  • When you build an email list it is yours! You can do whatever you want with it!

You do not have to play by the terms of service of anyone!

The only real restriction with you and your email list is that you are not allowed to send any pornographic material through the system. (And there are dedicated email service providers who actually make this possible)
But generally fitness entrepreneurs and health coaches would not have a problem with this.. At least I hope not. 🙂

On the other hand.

The videos you publish on YouTube are not yours… They are property of YouTube.
You can go read the terms of service for yourself.
This is why some channels get suspended or banned from time to time.

This was from a website, Here


And this one is from a forum, here


Remember we said that its not enough just to get the attention of your potential prospects?
It is also just as important to maintain a relationship with you and your prospects.
If your content is buried in the “Social” section of their email then its a high possibility that most people will not see your stuff and will not remember about you after some time.
So your native email address solves this problem.
My message to you is
Just build a list man!
Its the best asses you will have in your business.

Gain their trust and likability


When you have a good knowledge of what a person hates, likes, loves and desires then the task becomes much easier to gain their trust and likability.
Because you can have a conversation with them on a deeper level which will bring deeper connections.
There is a general problem with the fitness entrepreneurs and health coaches especially on YouTube.
Majority of them do not niche down their content so that they can have more appeal and more impact on a specific group of people.
Most just post videos arbitrarily of different workouts, and as such their content is just all over the place.
If they were to narrow down their focus to one specific problem that people face.
One specific desire that people want or a specific goal that people want to achieve.
Or target a specific group of people then they will become more successful at a faster rate.
They will make more money doing what they do, and have more impact on their audience.
Some examples of narrowing down are:

  • Weight loss for busy moms
  • Weight loss for people over 40
  • Get 6 pack abs
  • Get a better physique
  • Home workouts, or Home workouts for busy moms, or dads.

And so on, and so forth.
Now when you do this, you will have a smaller audience size.
But this is a good thing though.
Let me tell you why.
When you tailor your videos to the specific needs of these people you will have greater impact on them and they will stick around longer and be more active subscribers.
They will also watch more of your videos and so you won’t have much drop off.
You will be able to charge higher prices per coaching client because they now perceive you as an expert who specialized in their needs or solving their problems.
You will be able to work less and get a farther reach because each of your videos are specifically customized for your target audience and so you do not have to do a lot of videos to get a lot of views.

Do Deep Market Research

market research

Many people talk about deep market research but don’t really go deep enough. And so there success usually stops a point at which they cannot understand, nor do they have the answers.
If you really want to dominate your market then you have to:

  • Know the market better than your competitors.
  • Know the market better than even the people who make up the market themselves.

What I mean is.
You want to be so in tune with your market that basically any video or piece of content that you put out is regarded as golden.
You want to literally have them begging you to put out more stuff to help them.
When you have reached this level where you are highly desired then you know that you have connected on a deeper level with your audience.
So how do you do market research that brings you to this point?
Well you have to start with the open mind that even when you niche down;
Healthy Lifestyle > Weight Loss > Weight Loss For Moms > Weight Loss For Busy Moms >
Weight Loss For Successful Busy Moms.
There is STILL more narrowing down because even an audience comprising of a super specific niche such as Weight Loss For Busy Successful Moms still comprises of more subgroups.

  • There are going to be moms who have issues with fat on their belly and want to get Abs or at least a flat tight looking stomach.
  • There are going to be moms who have issues with their shape / physique and want exercises to build bigger butts
  • There are going to be a subgroup of moms who have issues with fat arms and want exercises that will tone up their arms and get them looking strong.
  • There are going to be moms with “ugly looking thighs” and want to get their thighs nice and tight.
  • There are going to be moms who just feel tired at the end of the day because as we previously stated they are Busy Successful Moms, which means they work very long hours and still have to come home to cook meals for the kids and husband and still have to find time to tidy up the place. And so they want exercises to help make them feel physically strong with lots of energy.
  • And you will also find moms with ALL the problems mentioned above who are SOOO BUSY, that they don’t even have time to comb their hair properly and they want a weight loss program that can get them results with only 15 – 30 minutes to spare.

When you look at this breakdown it can easily get seem like a daunting task to take on and be successful at.

If so, then I can help you break it down into simple easy to follow steps and do the stuff that will get you results from your time and energy invested.

Contact me here.

The best way to make a powerful impact with your business and for your business is to know the different challenges, problems, desires, and aspirations of the people who make up your market.
And the only way yo do this is to conduct market research.
Now I wont go into any detail here about how to conduct this market research.

However the essence of it is that you have to have a conversation with the people in the market to really understand their unique differences.
This section of this post is just to sensitize you and open your eyes as to something that you might have missed that you can now start to look at.
Or to help clarify something that you have been thinking about… that’s all I can really do.

Use results of the research to dominate your market.

Now the real reason why you do the market research is not just to gain understanding of your target audience.
Its to:

  • Help with positioning of your business and message.
  • Help with your overall branding.
  • Help with your content strategy.
  • Help with how you communicate with your audience.
  • Develop coaching programs that meets their unique needs.
  • Get your target audience to see you as the best option out of all your competitors.
  • Make more money in your business.

So essentially, market research will determine to a point the ultimate success of your weight loss or health coaching business.
Now w are still under the broad topic of gaining your markets trust and likability.
And one can definitely see how deep market research is a critical step in this process.
To wrap up this section I will quickly discuss the other methods of gaining trust and likability of your market so that you can break through the noise your competition is making and stand out from that crowd.

Send them valuable content

Now value or is subjective to the needs, and desires of the receiver.
If all a mom really wants is to get her tummy an awesome set of 6 pack then sending her the best weight loss program in the world may not get her as excited as a video that says: ” 6 pack for moms, 5 Exercises that melt postnatal belly fat”
Now even if the best weight loss program in the world will deliver the same results she will feel that the ” 6 packs for moms” video is a better use of her time because this simply speaks to her immediate desires.
So when you think develop a program that speaks to the needs and desires of your target market then you automatically gain their trust especially if you seem like you know what you are doing / talking about.

Get them to know more about you

People don’t trust things that they do not know much about
Its general human nature, because we strive for certainty which is one of the universal 6 human needs.
So if you share your story with your audience and this story has some emotion attached to it.
Then you will be remembered easier, you will also be a little more trusted because they can form a mental picture of what you really are as a person and can relate with you on a deeper level.

Get them to know about your Results

When people are spending money to buy a program they are buying the program based on the results the program can deliver.

Nothing else matters.
If they see a program online of a fitness or weight loss coach getting amazing results then they are going to be more drawn to that program.
They will feel that if so many people are getting results then it really works.
They know themselves and they know that they may slack off at times, however if the program is THAT GOOD then even if they slack off a bit then they know that they will still get some results to make them feel good about themselves in the end.
So please do share all the results that you have gotten for your clients as much as possible as many times as possible when the opportunity arises.
People trust people more when they see that you have gotten both quantity and quality of results.

Show them that you truly understand their problems

Once you have done your market research and you now know the real problems that subgroups of your audience face now its time to communicate to them that you know their problems in depth and detail.
If it is that you know that most moms struggle to lose weight up to 5 months postpartum because of certain hormones still lingering then you need to communicate this to them.
If you know that if they did not exercise while pregnant and they usually have some specific problems losing weight postpartum, then make them know that and how to go about dealing with the issue.
If you know that most mums who are too tired and stressed out at the end of the day to the point where they don’t have any energy to do important things around the house and its causing real stress in their lives, then educate them about this and show them how to deal with the situation.

You see.

What you really want to do is show so much understanding to the problems that these people face and always give them valuable advise on each problem so that when almost any other problem arise and they think about finding a solution then you are the first person they search for online to see if you have any piece of content to help them.
That is the level you want to reach.

Help them to get a result with your content or free program / content

Remember that your audience are made up of different sub groups of people with different problems.
You must also realize that another difference common among many of your audience is their willingness to buy your product or coaching program, and this stems from different personality traits, social backgrounds and financial make up.
Some people will buy your program without much thought, others will sit on the fence for weeks, months and even years for many different reasons.

A part of moving the fence sitters to become clients is to help them get a result from using your free content.
If it in their minds, if your free content is getting them results then deepens the trust that they have with you in their heads to get them to think that your paid program or personal coaching programs should be even greater.

Do a lot of client interactions to demonstrate that you care for them

Some people in your audience will feel like you are hard to reach through your social media channels, or you are very distant because you do not answer comments on your videos and so on.
Because of this notion they may feel a bit reserved when it comes to connecting with you.

However, if it is that they see you responding to comments sometimes, they will feel like you are someone they could possibly grab a drink with one day.

They feel like you are a friend to them who they can share things with.
Answering comments is one way of doing this.

But what if you could do interviews where you just speak with a follower who has been using your program and have been getting results.

Or a coaching client of yours who has gotten good results as well.
The main thing you want to do is to let members of your audience see how you react with someone who they consider to be “one of them”.

The interactions that they see you have with “one of them” will create a perception of how you would interact with them if they got the chance to speak with you.
Its truly a powerful way of demonstrating that you are someone they can relate to if they had the chance to speak with you.

Always educate and caution them from harm

If you want to deepen the likability and trust between you and your audience as a fitness or health coach then you want to caution them against some of the harmful trends, products or exercises in the industry.
One of the 6 universal human needs is the need for certainty, the need to feel safe from harm.
If you are someone who is highlighting a bad trend that you see going on in the industry and you are educating them on the issues then you will definitely win some new friends.
Your audience will trust and like you more if they know that when something potentially harmful arises you will guard them from it… its just basic human psychology.

Get Them To Believe That You Have The Solution To Their Problem


Look at the 3 or 5 smaller more specific issue that your target market faces
When you do this they will feel like you understand their unique difference even though they know that they are a part of the already niched audience.

This creates a level of belief that there isn’t anything else out there that speaks specifically to their real problems.

Validity And Credibility

For your audience to believe that you have the right solution to their problems you need to make sure that what you have stands credibility and validity scrutiny.
You can do this by presenting supporting data or information to your claim.

For example.
If you tell your prospects that with your system they are going to lose 8 pounds in the first month and then 15 pounds in the next month then you have to put forward information as to how you are going to help them achieve this.
With credibility on you can just easily show real life testimonials of people who have done the workouts and have gotten results.

Abdicate from previous failures

Now, this doesn’t apply to all products or markets.

But if you’re selling something that your prospects have tried, used, or purchased before, and did not get the benefits they were seeking, your marketing message should either directly or indirectly explain away their past attempts.

When done correctly this will create a new sense of hope for your prospects.

Because they now, finally, understand why their past attempts have failed, and they have newfound hope they’ll get the benefits they desired.

Address Objections And Speak To Desires

Remember that there are two different sets of objections going on when someone is contemplating to buy your product or not.

  1. Product specific objections.
  2. Personal objections.

If your marketing is focusing on the problems that people face when trying to achieve a certain outcome, the emotions that goes with failing, and then shows why your method is:

  • Quicker
  • Faster
  • Simpler (not necessarily easier)
  • Better
  • Less stressful
  • And a lower risk of investment of time and energy, then you would have touched on some of the product specific objections.

If someone sees that your product is one of the best in the market and have very little to no product objections then the next set of objections are personal objections:

  • Do I have enough time
  • Do I know enough to do something that seems so complicated
  • Do I have all the right tools
  • Do I have enough money to really make this investment and if something comes up or happens then I still have enough money left to cover it
  • This product seems so perfect, if I buy this produced and do not get results then I know that I am basically doomed to failing everything else.
  • Do I have the skills necessary to do those 3 specific things in the product good enough to get the results that I desire.
  • Will I take too long to get results and get frustrated, and maybe give up.
  • I am almost new to this but it seems great, and I really want to do it, but will I get the quality and quantity of help I need along each step of the way to get me through this.

Personalities and financial status are different, and as such their are varied personal objections that people may have.
So many that its almost impossible to cover all of them in your sales process…

However if you cover the major ones then that should be ok.

This post has outlined the meat and bones of the psychological sales system of some of the top Fitness and Health coaches in the industry.

Once some of these things are implemented in your online business then you will see more sales and more profits.

If you have any questions or need any help, just contact me.

To more profits!

– Bryan