Below are examples, excerpts and snapshots of some of our successful Facebook Ads. 

These are our 4 best performing strategies and funnels in 2017.

I am not sure how this will work for your specific area. But this has worked for our clients in Australia, UK, US Canada, and South Africa.


Here we go.



Kasie got about 10 leads in 1 hour by curating all the foreclosure homes in a specific area.

It’s natural that most prospects who are looking to buy a home are also looking for a deal.

And as such the idea of getting foreclosure deal is very appealing = hungry leads.




You can target seniors (with a lot of money in reserve) who have outgrown their two story homes because they are just physically unable to use the stairs like they once used to.

There is an added benefit to this as you can sell them a new one story home while at the same time help them to sell their older two story home.




Drones are now the “in thing” as it relates to featuring a new property. (some realtors haven’t caught on as yet).

If you have a nice property that looks really good from above and has nice surrounding scenery then using a drone to highlight the beauty of it will naturally attract buyers.

If you already have listings on Zillow you could easily show a short drone video on Facebook and ask potential buyers to “get more details” buy clicking and going over to your listing on Zillow.




I like this strategy so much because it’s something that anyone can do literally RIGHT now.

If you are not that bothered by too much accuracy then all you have to do is go to Zillow and search for the most expensive home in (your target area).

And that’s it.

You could actually go a step further by looking at the audience insights of the results of your Ad once it has done its time. This will give you a very good insight as to which demographic in your target area is most responsive to home posts like those and then you can use this information to run more targeted Ads.


Now my co-founder warned me not to let these Ads out of the bag in fear that our competition may copy us.

But we agreed to some extent that this is just a part of the Ad, and not the full system or the targeting details that we had to refine over time.

We do hope that this gives you some inspiration.

It may take some time to refine some of these for yourself… but it will cost you some money in testing through guessing.

If you could see some of these Ads working for your business and you want to eliminate the guesswork and save some money then let us help you.

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– Bryan