If you want to grow your YouTube channel one of the usual advice would be make a lot more videos.

Because if you make more videos then there are more ways people can find you, and subscribe to your channel.
And this makes perfect sense.
However, what if there was a way in which you could actually make “less videos” and get more people to subscribe to your channel faster?

And that is what you will find out today.

The aim of this post is to show or teach some YouTubers, particularly those who may be just starting out and who see others with these huge channels and think to themselves how long its going to take them to reach that stage.

Well in fact it doesn’t.

I said something earlier which I want to clarify.
I said that make less videos and get more subscribers, now the word “less” here is all subjective.
Because some may do 1 or even 2 videos per day, while others may only do a total of 2 or 3 per week.

So its all relative.
What I want you to get after reading this post is the understanding that you do not need to have a couple hundred videos in order to have the same success as others who you want to emulate.

The Trick Behind Making Less Videos And Getting More Is…

The simple trick is what is called “niching down” or you could say “narrowing down your niche”.

What is a niche?

A niche is a particular subject or audience that you focus on.

The big overarching niches are:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Finance
  • Spirituality

And these are narrowed down to particular topics or audiences type that you actually produce content for on your YouTube channel.
Let’s use the health example since it is so popular.
The flow directed by the arrows below will indicate narrowing down of your niche.
Health and Wellness > Weight Loss > Weight Loss For Moms > Weight Loss For Postpartum Moms > Body Weight Exercises For Postpartum Moms.

And that my friend is called narrowing down.

And please be reminded that this could take many forms, it could even look something like this instead:
Health and Wellness > Weight Loss > Weight Loss For Moms > Weight Loss For Postpartum Moms > Flat Stomach Exercises For Postpartum Moms
It all depends on what your strengths are and what you want to focus on based on your business model or direction.

Benefits Of Niching Down

  1. Your content is easier to make because now you don’t have to guess if your audience will like your video content. You are sure that they want what you are creating for them.
  2. Its easier to collaborate with others to help grow your channel. Because your content is so laser focused you can you can be seen as someone with expertise in a specific area. So when you reach out to people its a “no brainer” what you are about if they were to take a look at your channel to decide whether to take up your offer or not.
  3. You are able to monetize your channel faster and charge more. Let me use a quick scenario to explain.. If I had an injury to my leg I would rather go to a Physiotherapist who have been treating leg injuries of my kind for decades rather than one of the best doctors in the world who only see my type of injury once every month.
    Similarly its easier to get a lot more coaching clients when you laser target a specific group of people who are convinced based on the quality of your content that you can help them with their specific problem.
  4. You actually start to get more views. Why? Because your videos will start to rank for longer more detailed or specific type searches and will answer the questions or solve the problems of these searches adequately. SO you videos will have longer view times and we all know that this is one of the biggest ranking factors of videos these days.

Examples of Channels niching down


Running, for weight loss and fitness


Workouts for physique

Six Pack for people 40 and over


And of of course how could I leave out the Moms

For moms


Almost everything, just for moms


For moms before, during and after pregnancy


This type of approach is great for YouTubers who are just starting out.
Or for some who are trying hard producing great content and are not getting the views they know they deserve.
But its currently the way bloggers are having success, and its a proven model for success.
Work Smarter,
– Bryan