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In this post you will see some of the proven ways Matt Kido makes money with his channel.

I will also uncover a possible million dollar weight loss scam in the industry.
And then share why I respect Matt so much, and hate him at the same time.

Lets get right to it.

How He Makes Money On YouTube

The Video below is where Matt lays it all out.

Its 15 minutes short, and for those people who still think that is too long here is a breakdown of what he said.

Money maker # 1

Matt first picture in post

At 1:20 minutes Matt uncovers the most common way Youtubers make money. Which is to run Ads on the video, and when people click on these Ads you get a small amount of money per click.

Side note: He mentions CPM which stands for Cost Per Mile. What he Is actually referring to in his video is CPC which is Cost Per Click. The name CPC suggest you get paid when people click.
On the other hand CPM is where you earn money for every thousand views that the video gets.
You are still earning from Ads, but its just in a different way.

At 2:26 minutes he speaks about his estimated earnings from his stats on Social Blade.

2016-07-15 12_20_33-gokuflex YouTube Stats, Channel Statistics - Socialblade.com

But then hasten to say he doesn’t earn anywhere near $5,000 per month.
He said his lowest month was about $1,500 and his highest month was about $2,500.

Money maker #2.

sponsors welcome phrase handwritten on chalkboard with heart symbol instead of O

At 3:14 minutes he speaks about making money from sponsorships.
He says there are two main ways to make money from sponsorships as a Fitness YouTuber:

  1. From Supplement Companies.
  2. From Clothing Companies.

He speaks about being with Alpha Clothing company and it being a great fit for him because he does not like to be told what to do or be controlled.
He gets a discount code from Alpha clothing which means he earns when people buy through his code, as well as a monthly salary separately. (which I think is an awesome deal)
Alpha also sponsors his custom “Sayian Army” shirts… and i think he says he gets paid for this as well.
He actually did not disclose how much Alpha pays him as a salary per month.
Nor did he say how much he earns from the discount codes or an over all earning from Alpha.
I think this would have been very valuable information but he may be bound by contracts and so cannot disclose in details.

Money maker #3.


The third way how he says Youtubers make money is through “promos”.
Meaning a video dedicated for featuring or for reviewing a product.
He did say he does paid promos on instagram but not for a while and he has done promos on Youtube, but he does not like to do these type of videos because it feels a little bit too “salesy”, and he is not that type of person.

Matt turned down $2,000 !!

He said a supplement company promoting pre-workout pills offered to pay him to do some short videos.
He did not like the idea of taking pills,because he is more of a mix it and drink it type of guy so he didn’t take up the offer.
Now some people would call him an idiot for turning down that amount of money!
But personally I think its a good move.
If you don’t stand for anything you fall for everything.
And being a yes man to these various companies can potentially ruin the relationship you have with your subscribers and over time it ends up hurting you in the long run.

Money maker #4.


At 12:47 minutes Matt makes money through online coaching.
He said this is potentially one of the biggest ways to make money through Youtube.
He even gave reference to Devin Physique, an online fitness and weight loss trainer who he says made or is making over a million dollars a year.
Matt does not seem to like Devin’s model of online coaching as it is not customized or personalized for the individual.
Thats why he says he takes the time to work with each and everyone of his clients personally, which alings more with his beliefs of how its to be done.

Money maker #5.

At 13.34 minutes Matt says Fitness Youtubers make money by selling customized workout programs from their websites.

2016-07-15 13_42_24-Saiyan Aesthetics

Money maker #6.

clothing company

clothing company 1

At 13:45 minutes Matt speaks about making money by starting your own clothing lines.

He went on to say he is currently developing his own clothing line (Sayian Aesthetics) with a partner.

Money Maker #7.

At 14:08 minutes Matt speaks about other Fitness Youtubers making money by starting their own supplement companies.

Money Maker #8.

App money

At 14:09 he talks about this guy who makes money by using an App call BEAM.
He says that the App is the main thing that this Youtuber promotes through his videos.

Matt did a great Job

Overall, I think this was a video well done by Matt.

And you can see the appreciation the viewers had for the video based on the comments below the video.

I did say that I respect Matt, and at the same time hate him too!
(More about that below…)
But before we get there lets just take a look at what is really going on here with this Devin Physique guy.
When Matt mentioned that this guy is making over a million dollars per year I was like.
Thats a lot of money.
Matt did say that he had some shady tactics in earning his money. And so being the curious deep digging information seeking person that I am.
I did not only want to see what this guy was doing.
I wanted to research him a little bit to see if what Matt was saying about this guy scamming people was true.
And in less than 2 minutes yout would’t believe what I found.

Fitness celebrity earning millions – and scamming people?

devin 1


And SURELY I went to check to see if the account was fake or not

You can see for yourself

devin 4



And there are MANY MORE… if you want to see for yourself then check out Devin’s Instagram account. Its loaded with these fake before and after pictures it seems. Use this link to see his account.


One thing that I feel could eliminate these scams

I think that these people are to actually RECORD themselves doing the workouts over the period of the challenge.
Also, when the testimonials are being given instead of blurry photos that appear photoshoped it would be better if they did videos showing the person’s overall 360 degrees physique transformation, rather than just a static photo.

Why I Respect Matt, And Hate Him At The Same Time

I respect Matt because he obviously cares for his viewers and subscribers by spending time to do quality videos that people love.
Unlike many other Fitness YouTubers, Matt actually puts out the effort to be as transparent as possible, which is very good for the his business and the credibility of the weight loss and fitness industry overall.
Youtubers are said to be some of the most critical people on the web.
They don’t take kindly to bullshit!
And they are very expressive about it!
The dislikes on almost every video ever produced on YouTube proves this fact.
Matt recently did a video where he literally “exposed” the exact step by step process he used to transform a particular coaching client of his week by week over a 10 week period.
This video is the first video I have seen of its kind and I think this video will do 2 things:

  1. It will get him a lot more views and subscribers for his channel and also deepen the trust between him and his subscribers.
  2. Other fitness YouTubers will either jump on the band wagon and copy him, or they will see the level of quality that Matt challenges himself to put out there, and this will motivate them to do some introspection and raise their standards as well.

Did I mention I hate Matt?

🙂 lol!
And its in a good way, so its a good type of “hate”.
I hate Matt because he is such a great guy producing great content and obviously getting great results for his clients…
However, he is not earning NEARLY as much as he could possible earn.
What I mean is.
You have many other online fitness entrepreneurs out there who are literally doing over $20,000 per month EASY!
And when  say easy I mean it.
And they are in no way better than Matt in terms of knowledge, results, transparency, and honesty.

What these top earning fitness entrepreneurs do is find a way to systematize and scale their businesses so that the people who cannot get to work with them one on one can get very detailed customized programs to download and use to still get amazing results.
And I hate Matt for being better than these people, having such an honest openness about his work, and not extending HIS work to impact the lives of more people out there.
Yes he says he wants to work with his clients one on one, and he is not a salesly promotional type of person.

I get that.

However there are many different ways to “skin the cat”,meaning, there are still ways to get people to have a very personal experience with you on a larger scale than what he is doing now.
And if he knows that there are people out there being scammed.
If he knows that he could potentially reach some of those who are already scammed and actually work with them and get a result.
Or if he knows he could potentially reach some people out there BEFORE they get scammed.
Then it is his fiduciary responsibility to protect these people and show them a better way of getting fit and losing weight than the Scams they are constantly being sold on.

So that is my message to Matt.

And Matt if you are reading these words, I do hope that you really put yourself in the shoes of someone searching online to lose weight.
If YOU were looking to lose weight as quickly and as healthily as possible and gain muscles as efficiently as possible wouldn’t YOU want to find an online coach like yourself who is trustworthy and knowledgeable at the same time to guide you along the right path?

I am sure you do…

And so it is therefore justified without a doubt, that if you have something that can help people then you should.
They would really appreciate it.
Believe it man.

How Matt Could Double His income In 3 – 6 Weeks By Doing This One Thing  (And Other Fitness Youtubers As Well)

When Matt said in his video that he does not promote his online coaching program or the programs on his website I really respect that because people just really don’t want to be constantly sold to.
And it would really turn people off and hurt his brand if he starts doing so even if he starts to make more money in the short term.
But there is a simple 10 minute solution for this issue that he could implement in his business.
And that is..
Start building an email list of people who want more from him.
This email list would:

  • Give him the opportunity to rightfully introduce his coaching services to people who would be more inclined to pay him as a coach.
    So instead of just putting his coaching services in the description box for people to discover he could actually build a waiting list of people who are eager to work with him.
    Research actually shows that when you put people on a waiting list the value of what they are waiting for goes up because the psychology is that it is more valuable because it is scarce, if I am in a program, and many other people cannot get in then I feel special and important.
    And this basic psychology could help make Matt a more desired coach and he could easily raise his prices and still have more clients eagerly waiting.


  • Give him a better way to get more sales for his new clothing company. If he were to do a bunch of videos promoting his clothing company then he may start to appear a little too “salesy” all of a sudden, which is something that he obviously doesn’t like.
    However if he had an email list of people who show their interest in purchasing his apparel then he could just write an email and send to these people.
    This way he doesn’t even need to do any promotional videos at all if he doesn’t want to because the dedicated email list will serve that purpose.
  • Help him to command more money from companies looking to pay him for promos.
    If a company approaches Matt to do a product promotion for lets just say $2,000 he could now look to negotiate a higher price like say $3,500 if he has an email list of about 5,000 – 15,00 subscribers.


Because he would have been reaching more people through different mediums and that is more valuable for the company he is promoting rather than a one off video promotion.
There are many, many more ways that I could suggest he markets his business.
However the core of it all would lead back to building dedicated email lists of people for each aspect of his business.

  1. An email list of clients eagerly waiting for him to say when he is ready to coach them.
  2. An email list of people who would like to get special discounts from products he reviews and recommends.
  3. A specific email list for people who want to get announcements, or deals on his new clothing company.

And the list could go on.

He could start building an email list using one of the best email list building services out there.
I have used over 6 email list building services so far and I have to recommend Aweber as being the best of all that I have used.
Aweber is FREE for 30 days, and as such its easy to start and get results even before you start paying for the service.

Isn’t that cool?


If Matt Wanted To ETHICALLY Make Over $100,000 In The Next 12 Months

If he wanted to ethically grow his business to a 6 figure per year.
This is the most effective strategy I would suggest.
Focus on growing his overall audience by:

      1. Reaching new audiences through guest posting, doing podcast interviews, and doing collaborations with other fitness entrepreneurs.
        One thing most fitness entrepreneurs don’t realize is that people who want to lose weight or get fit usually try many different ways to achieve the result.
        One person will try all of the following:
        Lifting Weights
        P90 X
        And even surgery…
        So this is why the fitness industry is such a big deal because there are just so many options and people are willing to try anything that they think could work for them.
        So if you reach out to new audiences you will get a percentage of that audience to subscribe to your channel.
      2. Doing some really great client success story case studies. By highlighting his process, keeping it honest and trasnarent.
        At any point in time someone will want to challenge your integrity and so if you have the ammunition to defend yourself then its easy.
        However if you don’t then it becomes more difficult to defend your business.
        If over time you have built a huge list of success stories that are real, and trustworthy then no matter how much your integrity is challenged you will have those to bank on as proof for a lifetime.
        It is important to note that from time to time things flair up in the online weight loss industry about scams.
        If this happens then people are going to start looking for other solutions which appear more trustworthy.
        If you have some solid case studies that are of real people losing weight and keeping it off then you will most likely attract thousands of people who were scammed and are looking for a new alternative.
      3. Running Ads to his website and building an email list of people who want to work with him.
        After building up the website, getting the case studies and so on.
        And having the right psychological sales systems in place he could easily start running Ads.
        Look at this Ad that popped up on My Facebook News Feed.
        Its kinda funny too.Kinobody

          • Raising his personal online coaching rates. I am not sure what they are currently, but I am sure that if he adds %10 – %20 he will still get a ton load of clients.
            And he will get better clients that are easier to deal with and get better results with these clients too.
            Basically the psychology here is that the clients who always want to haggle your rates down are usually the problem clients.
            They will find issues with your rates, with the workouts that you give them, with the meal plans that you give them.
            They will even slack off, not do the workouts and then blame your program for not working for them.
            On the other hand, the clients who money for them is not the issue are better to deal with.
            They are usually more disciplined and usually follow through with your instructions.
            And then there is the added psychological factor that even if someone is a slacker when they pay more money for something they value it more and therefore pay more attention to it, treat it with higher regard and look to get the most out of what they spend their money on.
            With all things considered.
            Lets just guess that Matt’s rate is $150 for his 10 week transformation program. And he usually get like 30 people to sign up per month.
            I am guessing that approximately 3 to 5 people will actually do EVERYTHING that Matt outlines in his program.
            And another 2 or so will probably ask for their money back after 4 weeks.
            And for some Fitness Coaches doing online coaching, 30 people is a LOT to be working with for the month.

The math Is…

$150 x 30 = $4,500

            • However what if Matt were to do something like this:
              Raise the rate to $400 and add an additional 2 weeks to the 10 week program and extend it to 12 weeks.
              In this instance he will actually have more time to get better results and this will be good for better testimonials. Which in tern will help to grow his business in the future more effectively.
              He will get better clients who REALLY want to work with him and believe in him rather than some people who are just on the fence and had the money at the time and just decided on whim.
              He would have less client sign ups, but he could spend more time with these people… which is a better experience for both Matt and his clients.
              Lets say instead of getting 30 people this time he gets 15 people.

              The math Is

              $400 x 15 = $6,000

            • That’s more revenue, getting better clients that are less stressful, and clients that will value his time and the program a bit more because they paid so much for it and don’t want their money to go to waste and would follow through on all accounts.
            • Having a better website where people can actually learn more about his program and what he has done.
              Currently his site only features 3 products, none of which has any testimonials, or any well developed sales pages, or any benefit detailed out so that people are more convinced its the right thing for them.
              Or any countdown timer on the website creating a sense of urgency.
              Or any discount on the offers so people can potentially feel like they are getting deal.
              All these and much more would have helped to grow each specific aspect of his business by 5% to 50%.
              And the overall compound effect would see his business grow anywhere from 50% to %150 and even up to 300% depending.

There’s More…

These are just some of the ways Matt could reach a 6 figure per year business.

(there are actually much more that I could share.)
He can get results, and he is honest about his process… And so I think his business is deserving.
There are many pieces that can be slightly improved, and when all these improvements are added up the compound effect could be very surprising.

If You Are An Online Fitness Coach or Health Coach

If you are an online fitness or health coach, or a Fitness YouTuber then I can possibly help you.
If at this point you are looking to grow your business then we could possibly work together.
Send me a message with what you would like help with and if it is in my area of expertise then I will take a look at your business and see how we could make things work for you.
If its not in my area of expertise then I will guide you to the best resource to follow or refer you to someone who I know could make an impact.
To Your Success!

– Bryan