If you are an aspiring or newbie coach then an important lesson that you will learn in your business is the significance of an engaged audience on an email list.

If you are doing one on one sessions or even if you are selling an online course in some instances you will be strapped for time and as such it is critically important that you create an email list of audience who is waiting to purchase your services or products when you make them available.
There is a difference between getting people on an email list as normal subscribers through your content verses getting people on an email list who are just there simply waiting on you to announce the release or opening of your products and services.
Now, in this short guide I will outline the importance of getting highly qualified potential buyers on an email list.
#1. If you are selling a high end program that costs let’s say between $500 – $3,000 and you have the sales page just sitting there on your website it will not be easy to sell this coaching program.
Reason being is that it’s a lot of money for most people and spending that type of money takes some more encouragement and some more engaging of the target audience in order to make the sale verses selling a $19 e-Book.

So the best thing to do as a coach is to hide this sales page from people who would potentially buy so they don’t get turned off by the high price without first getting to know about you and what your program can do for them.
#. 2 The second thing of critical importance is that people will tend to pay more for products or services that is in some form of scarcity. So if you have the sales page on your website for all to see then the program wouldn’t appear scarce enough to sufficiently push people to make a decision in buying the program.

The general reaction to something like this for a potential client who sees your sale page would be to say; “oh, I could always buy it later because it’s just right there and I can come back and do whatever I want any time I want”.
Well, do you know what usually happens to these types of visitors? Some of them will never buy. Some of them will not remember to come back to your site.

Something will come up for some of them where they have to use the money to address that issue. And we could go on and on.
So how do you get potential clients on a waiting list eager to buy your product when it launches.
And here are some ways of doing so:
When you do guest post on popular blogs refer to a case study of someone or a group of clients who have benefited from your program and make reference to the program but when someone reading the article clicks on a link to view your program they must be taken to a page on your website that says something like this:

“Sorry my coaching program is now closed.

Please Enter your name and email to be the first to know when it’s open”.

When you do this you are certain that the people who have signed up to that email list are potential clients who are directly interested in your program.
Another tactic would be to refer to success case studies of your clients on podcasts and then refer to your program in the same breath.

Ensure that you make the listeners aware that the program is closed so that they are not turned off or let down if they eagerly go to your website only to find this out.

Make sure that you tell them that the program is closed and then share the URL with those who are interested in being notified when it reopens.
You can do this for just about any platform that you are featured on to ensure that you consistently build a list of people who are waiting on you to reopen your coaching services.
The thing to remember though is that when opening the program you have to do somewhat of a launch. Ensure that you remind the persons on the waiting list why they signed up.

Share success stories with them of coaching clients who you have worked with. Show them how working with you can create similar success for them and try to make the size of the launch of the reopening of your program match the price or rates that you charge.
If someone has been on your waiting list for a couple weeks or months they may forget about your program, or they may not feel the same way they felt at the time they signed up to your waiting list and as such you want to get them in the frame of mind ready to start forging a new path by working with you.
When you use this type of strategy to build a waiting list of clients you are setting up your business for continued success because you will always have a list of people to market to when you are ready.

And this means that you will put yourself in a good position to maintain or increase cash flow in your business.

To More Profits!

– Bryan