Only 2.86% of Fitness Entrepreneurs Make over $100,000 per year
[ Industry Research ] : The #1 thing that makes "fitness gurus" so successful.
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Fitness And Health Coaches: A Sure Way To Get High Paying Clients On Your Waiting List

If you are an aspiring or newbie coach then an important lesson that you will learn in your business is the significance of an engaged audience on an email list.

If you are doing one on one sessions or even if you are selling an online course in some instances you will be strapped for time and as such it is critically important that you create an email list of audience who is waiting to purchase your services or products when you make them available. There is a difference between getting people on an email list as normal subscribers through your content verses getting people on an email list who are just there simply waiting on you to announce the

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Fitness Youtuber: Matt – Confesses How He Makes Money

In this post you will see some of the proven ways Matt Kido makes money with his channel.

I will also uncover a possible million dollar weight loss scam in the industry.
And then share why I respect Matt so much, and hate him at the same time.

Lets get right to it.

How He Makes Money On YouTube

The Video below is where Matt lays it all out.

Its 15 minutes short, and for those people who still think that is too long here is a breakdown of what he said.

Money maker # 1

At 1:20 minutes Matt uncovers the most common way Youtubers make money. Which

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The Psychological Sales System Used By Fitness and Health Coaches who make $100,000 per year

There are fundamental reasons why some entrepreneurs make more money than others.

And the most common factor among these successful online entrepreneurs is that they understand the importance of leveraging psychology in every contact point between them and their prospects. The different channels in which you reach out to people will change. The tactics and strategies will change. But there is one thing simple a 3 step process that every health coach or fitness coach has to get right

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Make Less Videos, And Reach More People Faster On YouTube

If you want to grow your YouTube channel one of the usual advice would be make a lot more videos.

Because if you make more videos then there are more ways people can find you, and subscribe to your channel.
And this makes perfect sense.
However, what if there was a way in which you could actually make “less videos” and get more people to subscribe to your channel faster?

And that is what you will find out today.

The aim of this post is to show or teach some YouTubers, particularly those who may be just starting out and who see others

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